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Logo Design, Mock up, Intro Video

Rise with Rani

Like What you see ?

Then what you really want and need is a brand.

A logo is a symbol of you, your product and service. It is a repersentation of your vision.

A Great logo is a clean, well drawn balance logo researched and craft to project and communicate your vision.

But a brand goes deeper, its the details that makes a logo so special. Nike, Apple, starbuck have all got it right. They built mood, connection and emotion.

To Do List:

Simple Feng Shui logo Design with you Natal Chart

Basic Bazi reading for owner, discovering your wealth element, your fame element. Then using your elements to design a clean simple logo with positivity.

Simple Mock Up

Beautiful simple mock up allows you to see the full vision. This is very critical for people who want to use logo on a phisical product or create signage.

Mood Board

Images, symbols and a story, ideas reference too keep everything coherence. And keep you and your team on brand.

Simple Intro Video

Video builds trust and having a simple introduction with a video is the best way to connect and start your business.

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