Which Social media company will make it to 2030 ?

A Fengshui expert analysis of the Future

In this digital age, doing business is hard. You need to be on all the social media plateforms from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkden, tiktok and more.

However not all social media will be around for the next ten years, look at Vine as the major example.

So how are we going know if a social media platform is going to be around for the next ten years. Your best bet is Feng Shui. Let the Color and the Energy from the logo of the company tell you what is going to happen to the company.


The logo is a representation of the company. It directly shows the company past, present and future. To Read the logo, one will require knowledge on the 5 Elements and the Yijing.

Let's us beginn,

First the current powerhouse and most popular social platform is facebook. The facebook logo is a standard box logo in blue. It's a color that represent wealth and trust. One interesting fact about the logo is facebook is spell in small letters. This represent lack of strong leadership in all levels, meaning that many internal problems will continue and get worst.

At some point even with it's billion user, less people will use the plateform and it be just another social plateform.

Next up is the Youtube logo. It's red with a play button symbol. This is one of the best logo for online business and media brand I've seen. The forward symbol represents going a head. And Red is the element representing eletronic and media. It's one of the best example of a logo to reference in doing a Feng Shui audit.

Now, let's look at Twitter. The Twitter logo is one of the coolest logo for a Feng shui nerd. The bird is a old school symbol bring never ending opportunities. This is one company that as long as it's logo remains a bird will still be around. It's also the second best choice on our list with Youtube - positioned a notch higher due to the longevity of the content.

Okay, let's talk about the most controversial social media Instagram. In the past five years since the company has been up and running, it has totally change the landscape for fashion brands and eCommerce. It is also had a rather significant logo redesign, that was rather impactful.

The old logo with the Rainbow is a Wealth Symbol often use in QiMen and Yijing readings telling of great opportunity and luck. But with the new logo the Energy Elements is completely different.

Let's start with the color, red for social media is good but the gradiant effect on the logo reflects it's ever changing components that is trying to regain it's glories past, the problem is that it's impossible to recapture things once it's lost. You can only create it anew.

Conclusion....The best advice for anyone who is looking to do ecommerce is to start a youtube. The second best is Twitter which I think has the best ROI interms of interaction.

For those who use Instagram their main marketing tool, well it's time to migrate half your effort else where like youtube or Twitter.