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3 Reasons Why you need to have a Feng Shui logo

Logo design is part of the modern implementation of feng shui with deep roots from Chinese Emporior's powers of old. Logo's history starts with the use of the imperiors seal. A symbol sign representing the emperor, and his power.

In the modern day adaptation of the logo. The logo is use to represent the company as a brand, the owner and all the people involved. So the impact energy activating and create opportunities applies to the brand, the company, the owners and the team.

The greatest strength about implimenting a Feng Shui Logo is that it can be applied in the digital space with little to no contrains. This allows you to create great impact without the worry of months of consturction time, dust and mess.

So what do you have to consider in selecting a logo?

  1. Frequency of the Energy because by selecting the wrong energy you are creating problems for yourself. For example if you are in a fire business and select a water logo. The result is a lot of unexpected small frequent problems. Instead of growing your business, you will be spending time and energy solving those unexpected events. Just because the logo is attracting the wrong type of energy.
  2. Combination of the Energy, and Movement. An easy example of how your logo design could go wrong is fire and wood. We all know that when you place wood next to fire. The fire moves onto wood and starts to burn it. In the 5element theory explains this as the nature of things. If there is more wood then the fire will burn longer and brighter. However there will be no wood after it is all burnt. This create problems as the energy and opportunities happening to a fire business with a wood logo will be destructive, always moving forward but never truly being ahead.
  3. Positive attracts Positivity. Negative attract negativity. Yin - Yang is the most basic thoery of fengshui emphasis about balance. Names and numbers with positive energy when adapt to logo need understanding, and balance of the 5 elements.