Five Feng Shui Elements: ancient Chinese philosopher explained the basic of life: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. These elements interact with each other differently, like wood enhances fire, meaning when you add wood to a fire, you are adding to fuel making the fire stronger and last longer. And when you put seeds in to water it spouts right?

The masters found out that not only time, space and people have relationships. They also found how to use the energy of these elements. To make our life better and called it the art of wind and water. Two of the most impactful element in terms of enhancing natural energy.

So Why is the 5 Element Feng Shui so Important?

From the video, you can see the basic concept used, it touches on the concept of 5 elements but does not go into the details of how you can use the 5 elements to enhance your life or on the details of each symbol or element.

My favorite example of explaining the 5 elements is if a person who is a fire element, living in a water element area. We all know what happens when a small fire drops into a bucket of water. The fire always loses. It'll be constant fighting in the short term, and in the long term may cause major lost like business failure, depression or divorce.

From personal experience,

I've seen a lot of couples who had unconsciously enhanced their success at the cost of starting a family.

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Think that Feng Shui's nonsense. Go look at every casino in this world. There is two major things you will find, a water element on the heads of gamblers and gold taps in the bathroom.

When you know what to look for, you'll see even more Feng Shui Taboos happening to the gamblers, the most easiest to see is poison arrows causing harm to your personal luck just by the placement of the tables that create edges for the next table over. This Agressive Energy is also why the emotions and fights like to start out in the casino.

Here is the five elements and how they can be express,

The Earth Element

Personality: Stable, grounding, and nurturing
Symbol: Square and rectangular shapes
Color: Browns, tans, ochre and yellows

The Fire Element

Personality: Warm/kind to hot/passionate
Symbol: Triangular shapes
Color: Reds and oranges

The Wood Element

Personality: Vital and active
Symbol: Columnar shapes
Color: Greens, mid-blues and teals

The Water Element

Personality: Clarity and wisdom
Symbol: Waves, round, water drop
Color: Black, dark gray and dark blue

The Metal Element

Personality: Righteous and correct
Symbol: Circles, spheres
Color: White, metallic and pale greys and blues